M-type Leica that has kept many photographers and photo lovers alike
Among other things, the popular "M6 0.72" will be.
The year of manufacture is 1992 from the serial number.
The M6 ​​manufactured for 16 years from 1984 to 1999
Leica is the most sold Leica in history and the easiest to use.
Compared to other M-type Leica, the best feature is the finder.

Individual of arrival this time becomes finder magnification 0.72 times,
Bright frame is the most with six types of 35 / 135.28 / 90.50 / 75,
Various lenses can be used.

The built-in exposure meter is at the bottom of the viewfinder
It is displayed and intuitive to read.
Please take this opportunity to buy this most easy-to-use M-type Leica.
By the way, it is a knowledge. M of M type means messsucher (distance meter finder).

The shutter speed is B, 1s-1 / 1000s.
There is no accessory.


It will be confirmed operation.
The shutter operates at full speed,
Winding and rewinding, switching of bright frames, etc.
The overall operation is almost complete.
I do not know the accuracy, but it is working.
Although a slight thread etc. by use are seen,
It is a relatively beautiful state considering the age.
There is no deterioration of Gutta Perka.
There is a noticeable thread near the finder.
Also, the potty at the top of the back cover is missing.
The internal bright frame or the
The double statue is clearly visible.
It was confirmed with a strong light, but only a small amount of dust is mixed and it is
There are no noticeable scratches and adhesion of mold and it is in a beautiful condition.
You can see the thread accompanying the use,
No problem.