LEICA minilux SUMMARIT 40mm F2.4

This is a LEICA (Leica) compact camera
It becomes "minilux".
The serial number is 2069003.
Because it is equipped with 4 single-piece 6-piece composition and luxurious single-focus Zumarit 40 mm / F 2.4,
It is quite attractive.
It is a compact machine and is equipped with zumarit.
This ball has a great performance and reputation,
It is still a popular camera.
Lens with
It will be "SUMMARIT 40mm F2.4".

Accessories are as follows.

・ Camera case


Operation has been confirmed.
There is no problem in operation and it works normally.
Shutter flash self-timer
Automatic winding works properly.
Although it is somewhat, there is a detailed scratch and ス レ of aging.
There is a mix of chilly and dust.
It is beautiful without deterioration.
There are no noticeable scratches on the surface of the lens.
It is clear by visual observation, but with a strong light
You can see the mixture of chills and chills.
There is no influence on the shooting.