Leica single focus lens
"Summicron 5cm F2" will be.
The serial number is 1095927.
In 1953 model of manufacture,
Yellowing of the lens and part of the copper mirror from the old design
There is a possibility of thorium diffuser.
(It is said that it is in 920 thousand, 102 thousand, 104 thousand and 109 thousand.)
Mount becomes Leica L mount.
The aperture is 2-16.
The number of diaphragm blades is 10.
Front and rear cap, 2 types of filter made by walz,
Kenko made filter, kenko made hood is attached.


It is operation confirmed.
The motion of the aperture and the helicoid are good.
It becomes second hand condition with feeling of use.
There are fine threads.
Moreover, there is a thread of printing on part.
Part of the hood is recessed.
There are fine threads.
Optical (lens):
Chubu is spinning. There are also falls.