This is a telephoto lens made to the chrome finish of M6 with a Leica lens
It becomes "SUMMICRON-M 90mm F2 E55".
The serial number will be 3666010,
The mount is a Leica M mount.
From the stamp and serial number of LENS MADE IN CANADA
It is presumed that it was made in Canada in 1994.
The aperture is 2-16 and the number of blades is ten.
* Food built-in type
Accessories are as follows.・ LEICA front lens cap (14289)
・ LEICA Rear lens cap (14269)
・ LEICA lens case
・ LEICA filter (13374) with box
・ LEICA outer box (serial match)


It will be confirmed operation.
Helicoid, aperture blade etc
There is no problem in operation.
It is a beautiful state where the feeling of use can not be felt.
However, there are small scratches near the back imprint.
It will be generally good.
It will be beautiful by visual observation.
If you hold a strong light, you will see fine dust contamination.
In addition, you can see a small scratch and a small amount of light.
There is no problem in use.
We have confirmed live-action with FUJIFILM X-pro1.