LEICA SUMMILUX-R 80mm F1.4 E67 SN.3799177 ROM R mount

There are also many people who have been drowned even if not using Leica,
Maybe I put out my hand on the R mount because I wanted to use this lens!
A person who may be true
German made Leica R mount lens
It is the arrival of "SUMMILUX-R 80mm F1.4 ROM".
Speaking of Leica lenses M lenses
The light tends to hit, but in fact the R mount of the well-matched ball
Among them, it will be the lens with high evaluation.

It is not sloppy to the sharp depiction from opening to sharp
I would like to express something more than that
This is a serious sense of blur that leaks, such as Leica's seriousness ...
It is a lens that provides great images.
Shows a high-quality depiction of feeling of resolution and resolution
It is a book of recommendations that also show a good side.

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The serial number is 3799177.
The aperture is 1.4-16 and the number of blades is nine.
The mount is a Leica R mount.
It becomes a ROM lens and can use all the functions of R8 and R9. The accessories are as follows.
・ Leica front lens cap (14291)
・ Leica Rear lens cap (14162)
・ Leica soft case


It will be confirmed operation.
There is no problem with the rotation of the focusing ring or the movement of the aperture.
The pullout of the built-in hood is also smooth.
It is unclear whether it comes out exactly for infinity
There is no problem as long as you check in the finder form.
You can see the fine threads and scratches over time.
In places where the edge of the focusing ring or hood stands
Peeling of paint is seen in places.
No problem.
It is almost beautiful condition by visual observation.
You can see a little noticeable dust on the front ball side.
If you hold a strong light, you can see some fine dust.

Product management number: 10221622