LEICA TELYT-R 350mm F4.8

Here is the R mount Terry Trenz
"TELYT-R 350 mm F4.8 3 cam 3403557" is in stock.
The lens composition is 7 groups in 5 groups.
The aperture is 4.8 - 22 and the number of blades is 8.
Mount is Leica R mount (3 cam).
The accessories are as follows.
· LEICA front lens cap (14319)
· LEICA rear lens cap (14162)
· LEICA exclusive lens case
* It will be a built-in hood.

In case

It becomes operation confirmed.
The rotation of the focus ring and the aperture
There is no problem in operation.
There is no problem with the withdrawal of the hood.
It is very good condition with less feeling of use.
There is a little thread in the hood.
Is beautiful.
It is a clear state visually.
There is a thin scratch in the middle ball when holding a strong light.
Also, you can see the inclusion of fine dust.
There is no problem with shooting.