LZOS JUPITER-9 85mm F2 L39mount

It is the arrival of fascinated Russian lens "JUPITER-9 85mm F2".

The depiction is soft and soft and soft in release
You can enjoy the Russian lens in the image.

If the line is squeezed, the line is thick and the Zeiss lens
You can see the expression of a solid copy that seems like a copy.

Please buy a fun Russian lens on this occasion.

The serial number is 7501017.
The aperture is from 2 to 16 and the number of blades is 15.
The accessories are as follows.
・ Front lens cap
・ Rear lens cap
·plastic case

The focus ring, aperture ring and aperture blades operate.
The focus ring has a moderate sense of torque.
Oil stains can be seen on the squeezing wings.
It is a used state with a feeling of use.
Many scratches and threads are seen.
There are a wound and a thread by use.
Contamination of dust and fine wiping scratches are seen.
A slight light stain can be seen with a strong light.

Product management number: 20597301
Commodity condition: C / common item