Compact body and easy grip
Bright range finder, which enables quick focusing
With more accurate aperture priority AE,
A very good camera that combines mobility and imagery
It is the arrival of "Mamiya 7 II GB 1157".
It is a lightweight 6x7 format range finder machine that is popular among professional photographers.
By adding colored glass, the bright frame becomes stronger against backlight,
The double image mating part is easy to see.
Multiple exposure can be done with one touch by adopting MULTI lever.
Also, because it has an automatic exposure, it enables speedy shooting.
Shutter will be A, AEL, B, 8s-1 / 500s
There is no accessory.


It will be confirmed operation.
Winding up and self-timer work normally.
The values ​​of the exposure meter also show almost appropriate values.
Although the accuracy is unknown, the exposure meter is also operating and is displayed.
When I put on the lens, I was also doing shutter speed shift and AE operation.
There are only a few scratches and small scratches associated with the use of aging
The overall feeling of use is small and beautiful.
There is no problem in practical use.
If you hold a strong light, you can see fine dust.
There is no problem with bright frame and exposure display.
The double-image mate has a slight shield shift.
Shading material
There is almost no problem.