Mamiya N 50mm F4.5 L SN: TC1093

Mamiya's medium format lens
It becomes "N 50 mm F 4.5 L".
The serial number is TC1093.
Mount becomes Mamiya 7 mount.
The aperture is 4.5 - 22.
The number of diaphragm blades is five.
Front and rear cap, hood, filter
Instructions are attached. (There is an instruction manual of 50 mm in it)

It is operation confirmed.
The operation of the aperture and helicoid is good.
It becomes a used state with less feeling of use.
Although there are fine threads, it is in a relatively clean state.
It will be in a beautiful state.
Optical (lens):
Although there is contamination of dust,
There is no mold or haze and it is in a clear state.

Item No. 10184550