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Mamiya New Mamiya 6 MF


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This is Mamiya's 6x6 medium-format camera released in 1989
It was sold as a late model of "New Mamiya 6"
"New Mamiya 6 MF" is in stock.

The serial number of the body is 3186449.
The shutter speed is A, B, 4 s - 1/500 s.
Accessories are as follows.
· Mamiya strap
· Mamiya body cap
· Mamiya mask
·Outer case


It is operation confirmed.
Opening and closing of the lens shutter and speed change,
In visual confirmation such as automatic exposure
It is a state without problems.
The accuracy is unknown.
Self-timer and lens mount part collapsed,
Opening and closing curtains and attaching and detaching lenses can be done without problem.
It is a state where small scratches and threads can be seen by using aging.
There are no conspicuous scratches, damage or damage.
Double image is OK without bright frame
There is no problem in good condition.
There is no problem with the exposure display in the viewfinder.
There is no problem.

Product control number: 10206746