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Mamiya RB67 PROFESSIONAL SD + K / L 90 mm F 3.5 L + K / L 210 mm F 4.5 L


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The serial number of the body will be LH1071.
The serial number of the 90mm lens is ZA1687.
The serial number of the 210 lens is ZA1690.
The shutter speed is T, 1s-1 / 400s.
The 90 mm aperture is 3.5 to 32 and the number of blades is eight.
The 210 mm aperture is 4.5 to 45 and the number of blades is eight.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Mamiya strap
・ Mamiya Electric Magazine
Mamiya Polaback
・ Mamiya Close-up ring No. 2 82 mm
・ Mamiya front cap × 2
・ Mamiya rear cap × 2
・ HAKUBA FOG 1 Filter (for 90 mm)


It will be confirmed operation. Mirror drive, winding
There is no problem with each operation.
Also the shutter speed of each lens
The accuracy is unknown but it is working.
The electric magazine is also working.
You can see the scratch and scratch due to aging.
No tears are seen in the bellows.
You can see the contamination of Chile.
There is some dirt on the screen.
It needs to be replaced. .
Body, each lens
You can see scratches and wear by using.
As for 90mm, contamination of chili is seen.
There is a small smile on Nakajima.
As for 210mm, the contamination of the chili is seen.
There is a cloud and a wound in the inside ball.

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