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Mamyia New Mamiya 6 MF + G 75mm F3.5 L


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The shutter speed is 1s-1 / 500s.
Lens with
It becomes "G 75 mm F 3.5 L 302592".
It is a single focus lens for Mamiya New 6.
The aperture is 3.5-22 and the number of blades is five.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Mamiya exclusive food


Operation has been confirmed.
Opening and closing the lens shutter and changing the speed,
In visual confirmation such as automatic exposure
There is almost no problem.
The accuracy will be unknown.
Collapse of self-timer and lens mount part,
You can also open and close the curtain and remove the lens without any problems.
The LEDs in the viewfinder are also illuminated.
It is in good condition.
Dent into the back cover rubber part,
Peeling of paint is visible on the bottom.
There is some contamination of Chile.
The double image has no problem and the bright frame is also
In good condition, there is no problem.
There is no problem with the exposure display in the viewfinder.
It will be generally good.
It is clear when seeing with the naked eye,
With a strong light
I can see some contamination of Chile.

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