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MINOLTA CLE Gold + M-ROKKOR 40mm F2 CLEClubCommemoration of the launch


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This is MINOLTA (Minolta)
Compact and lightweight with aperture priority auto exposure
Camera which can enjoy M mount most easily
It becomes "CLE 1029831".
It becomes a compact range finder camera equipped with the Leica M mount.
Equipped with aperture-priority AE and manual exposure mode, you can easily shoot.
The lens is a set of "M ROKKOR 40mm F2".
Here is another gold model,
It is a model produced with only 150 units in commemoration that the "CLE club" was launched half a year after CLE release.
This is not a lizard leather but a normal black leather specification.
It is quite rare because it is a non-sale item distributed for presentation in each direction or for in-house display.
The shutter speed is A, B to 1/1000.
The mount is a bayonet mount.
Lens with
It becomes "M-ROKKOR 40mm F2 2124897".
The aperture will be 2-16.
There are 10 aperture blades.
The accessories are as follows.
・ MINOLTA front lens cap
・ MINOLTA filter
・ MINOLTA camera case


It will be confirmed operation.
Opening and closing the shutter, winding up and rewinding, etc.
Very good condition.
Roughly the auto exposure also shows a normal value.
It becomes a used state with a feeling of use.
I see dullness in metal,
There is a thread and fine scratches.
There is a mixture of chili and a sweet potato.
You can see a chip at the top of the bright frame.
LED lights up well.
Shading material:
It has deteriorated.
There is a thread by use, but there is no problem.
It will be clear when viewed visually,
With a strong light
You can see a mixture of chili and mild scratches on the inside ball.
In addition, you can also see the brightness.
There is no problem in shooting.
We have confirmed live-action with FUJIFILM X-pro1.