This "MINOLTA TC-1" is
Minolta has a width of 99 mm, a height of 59 mm, a depth of 29.5 mm, and a weight of 185 g in 1996
It will be a super small high-end compact camera sold in amazing size.
A beautiful design that is meticulous and meticulous in detail, yet with that small size.
Of "MINOLTA G-ROKKOR 28mm F3.5" mounted
The sharpness and good color of the shot are as good as those of single-lens reflex cameras.
It will be very satisfying.
Please purchase at this opportunity.

The serial number of the body will be 17601279.
The lens attached is '' MINOLTA G-ROKKOR 28mm F3.5 ''.
The shutter speed is programmed auto up to 8s-1 / 750s.
The aperture will be a perfect circular aperture of 3.5, 5.6, 8 and 16.
Accessories are as follows.


It will be confirmed operation.
Shutter, Flash, Winding Rewind,
It works normally, such as a self-timer.
[Sure] by use, there are fine scratches.
Holding strong light and mixing of fine dust
There is a slight cloudiness.
Shading material
Malt is in good condition.
Holding strong light and mixing of fine dust
A slight haze is seen in the front ball.

Product control number: 10223752