New Mamiya 6

This is Mamiya's 6x6 medium-format camera released in 1989
It becomes "New Mamiya 6 310658".
Among middle-format cameras, by being able to take a picture of a square "
It is very popular in second hand 6 * 6 size.
It is a complete form of bellows folding camera sent out by Mamiya.
The shutter speed will be B-1/500.
* Body only will be sold.
The accessories are as follows.
· Mamiya body cap
· Operation manual

It is operation confirmed.
The shutter and the self timer will operate normally.
Other operation. No problem.
The LED in the viewfinder is also shining.
It becomes second hand condition with feeling of use.
There are conspicuous scratches.
Depending on threads on the bottom and shutter lever
There is peeling of paint.
Moreover, the glass of the lighting window is partly broken.
Although it is cloudy,
It becomes relatively clear.
Duplicate images overlap without problems.
There are threads according to specifications.