This is Mamiya's 6x6 medium format camera released in 1989
Sold as a late model of "New Mamiya 6"
It is the arrival of "New Mamiya 6 MF".
Even with medium format cameras, it is possible to take square "Mashikikoshi"
It becomes a very popular 6x6 medium-size rangefinder camera.
Various gimmicks like Mamiya in a lightweight and compact body
Cool, cool to use, fun to use, beautiful to shoot
It is a recommended medium format camera.
Because it is equipped with automatic exposure, it is not necessary to do troublesome exposure
Even those who want to make a medium format camera debut because they can take beautiful pictures
I think it is a model that can be started casually.
Elegant and fun with a square photo machine on this occasion
How about starting a film photo life?

The serial number of the body is 316694.
Shutter speed is A, B, 4s-1 / 500s.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Mamiya strap


Operation has been confirmed.
Opening and closing the lens shutter and changing the speed,
There is almost no problem with automatic exposure.
The accuracy will be unknown.
Collapse of self-timer and lens mount part,
You can also open and close the curtain and remove the lens without any problems.
It is in a state where small scratches and threads are seen due to the use of aging.
There are no noticeable scratches, bumps or damage.
The double image has no problem and the bright frame is
In good condition, there is no problem.
There is no problem with the exposure display in the viewfinder.
There is no problem.

Product management number: 20594701