This is Nikon's single-lens reflex camera
It becomes "F3 HP 1906077".
For about 20 years until the end of sales in 2000
This is a Nikon single-lens reflex camera that has been active.
The shutter speed is A, X, T, B ~ 1/2000.
Mount is Nikon F mount.

The accessories are as follows.
・ Nikon body cap


Operation has been confirmed.
Hoisting / rewinding, mirror raising, working.
The shutter speed change and the exposure meter operate in response to light.
The accuracy will be unknown.
Slight scratches and threads due to aging, dirt can be seen.
It is almost in a beautiful state.
There is a slight contamination with dust.
If you shine a strong light, you can see more contamination of Chile.
It is almost in good condition.
Thread and scratches associated with use can be seen.

Product number 20598526

Product status: C / average