Nikon 非AI NIKKOR-H Auto 85mm F1.8

This is Nikon (Nikon) large aperture lens
It becomes "Non AI NIKKOR-H Auto 85 mm F 1.8".
It is 85mm lens which is compatible with portrait.
It is recommended for those who are photographed with people.
Please take advantage of this opportunity.

The serial number is 392610.
The lens composition is 6 groups in 4 groups.
The aperture is 1.8 to 22.
There are six diaphragm blades.
Mount is Nikon F mount.
Accessories are as follows.
· Front lens cap
· Rear lens cap
· Lens filter


It is operation confirmed.
The aperture ring, diaphragm blades, etc. operation is generally moving well.
The helicoid is out of grease,
The motion is loose.
I can focus.
Considering the age, it is a relatively beautiful state
Threads and scratches are seen by use.
There is a small paint peeling on the focus ring.
Attrition. Dirt. Is seen.
Optical (lens):
There is contamination of dust that can be visually confirmed,
When a strong light is applied, even a slight fungus sticking to the rear ball
You can see.

Product control number: 10213892