This product is a Seiko analog meter mounted on the top of the camera.
A distinctive Nikon high-performance compact film camera "Nikon 28 Ti"
The analog meter, commonly known as the knurled needle, is just looking at it
There is no doubt that the unique taste that you can enjoy will motivate you to shoot.
Also, the wide-angle "NIKKOR 28mm F2.8" to be mounted is a NIKKOR lens
It is characterized by an unusual configuration (7 in 5 groups).

The serial number of the body will be 5007954.
The lens attached is "NIKKOR 28mm F2.8".
The shutter speed is auto.
The aperture will be 2.8-22.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Nikon strap
・ Nikon camera case
・ Nikon replacement eye cap


It will be confirmed operation.
Opening and closing the shutter and rewinding are working properly.
Reaction of buttons is in good condition.
Various meters are also working properly.
There are [sure] and scratches by use,
It is a relatively beautiful state when looking at the whole.
Peeling of paint is slightly visible near the battery room and near the meter.
You can see fine chili when you apply strong light
It is clear when considering the model year.
Bright frame or shutter display etc
It is in a state of seeing firmly.
When a strong light is given,
You can see the mixture of fine chili and the sweet potato,
It is in very good condition visually.