The serial number of the body is 5017075.
The shutter speed is set to auto.
The aperture is 2.8-22.
Accessories are as follows.
·Private case


The operation has been confirmed.
Shutter, self-timer, winding / rewinding,
The operation of various buttons, dials, and various meters is normal.
Thread and scratches are seen due to aging and use.
There are no serious scratches or claws that affect normal use.
It is an individual that can be said to be a relatively beautiful product when considering its age.
Although it looks clear visually,
When you hold it over strong light, you can see very little dust.
Bright frame or
The shutter display is displayed normally.
Shading material:
Aged aging is seen.
If you hold it over a strong light, you will see a slight amount of dust.
It is relatively clear when considering the age.

Product management number: 20604526

Product status: C / average