This is the middle telephoto lens of Nikon (Nikon)
It becomes "AF DC NIKKOR 105mm F2 D".
It becomes a DC lens that can control the bokeh taste in various ways.
The serial number is 204497.
The aperture will be 2-16.
There are nine aperture blades.
The mount is the Nikon F mount.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Nikon front lens cap
・ Nikon rear lens cap
・ Nikon filter (L1Bc)


Operation has been confirmed.
There is no problem in operation and it works normally.
AF / MF also works well.
It is a used condition with few feeling of use.
Although it is a little, it can be seen the fine thread of aging.
There is a fine thread over time, no problem.
Optics (lens):
It is clear visually.
There are no noticeable scratches on the surface of the lens.
A slight amount of dust is also seen.