Compact autofocus super wide-angle single focus lens that boasts Nikon's 94 ° angle of view
It is the arrival of "AF NIKKOR 20mm F2.8D".
You can make the dynamic picture as you want with the amazing angle of view
Please buy AF NIKKOL at this opportunity.

The serial number will be 317298.
The mount is Nikon F mount.
The aperture will be 2.8-22.
The number of aperture blades is seven.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Lens cap (front and back)


Operation has been confirmed.
AF works normally.
The movement of the aperture and helicoid is good.
The old thread and scratches are seen,
It will be relatively clean.
It will be in a beautiful state.
Optics (lens):
Contamination of aged dust is seen.
Kumori gives a strong light
It is felt but there is no mold.
There is no influence on the shooting.