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Nikon F100 + AF 24-50mm F3.3-4.5 Nikon F mount


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This "Nikon F100" is commonly called "F5 Jr.
It was released in 1998 for the younger brother of F5 which is a high-end model.
By inheriting the operability of F5, and by increasing the size of part of the operation button
We realize more comfortable operability.
This time with a nice wide-angle 24 mm zoom
You can start shooting right away.

The serial number of the body is 2141122.
The shutter speed will be B, 30s to 1 / 8000s.
The attached lens is AF Nikkor 24-50mm F3.3-4.5.
The serial number is 264802.
The aperture is 3.3-22 and 7 pieces.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Nikon lens cap
・ Nikon food
-Nikon Instruction Manual
・ Kenko filter


It will be confirmed operation.
You can also check the shutter speed shift, but the accuracy is unknown.
It is normal without problems such as rewind and rewind, preview and self-timer.
There is no problem with the other buttons and dials.
The exposure also shows almost normal values.
There are no problems with the lens, such as AF or aperture operation.
Slender marks and scratches of the past are seen slightly, but they are relatively clean and in good condition.
A little bit of dust can be seen, but it is almost clean.
There is no problem with the light in the viewfinder or the LCD display.
Shading material
There is no problem.
There is no problem.
It looks like it looks beautiful.
If you hold a strong light, you will see a mixture of dust and a thin cloud in the center ball.

Product control number: 10222300