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Nikon F2 Photomic 7.06 million units Black + NIKKOR-H Auto Non AI 28 mm F 3.5


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This is also said to be the highest peak of mechanical SLR cameras
Built-in exposure meter in "Nikon F2"
We installed "Photomic viewfinder (DP-1 622804)"
It will be a professional model that can be used easily.
This time it is easy to use, a bright semi-wide single focus lens
"Nikon F2" is a set.
Durable mechanical camera "Nikon F2"
Beginners as well as experienced, long film photos
For those who want to continue it may be said to be the best one.
Please purchase on this occasion by all means.

The serial number of the body is 7636595.
The shutter speed will be B ~ 1/2000.
The serial number of the lens is 782959.
The aperture is 3.5 to 16.
The number of diaphragm blades is 7.
The accessories are as follows.
· Front lens cap


It becomes operation confirmed.
Shutter speed change, hoist rewind
It is operating normally.
The exposure meter also reacts to light
The needle is swinging.
There are threads and scratches by use.
There is a scratch on the left in the lower left part as seen from the front.
Small amounts of dust can be seen.
Screen type A is attached.
Light shielding material:
No problem.
There is rubbing due to use.
Chile contamination is slightly seen.
When a strong light is applied, fine wiping scratches on the front ball,
There is a thin cloud in the middle ball.
I think that it does not affect normal shooting.

Product control number: 10205097