Nikon F2 Titan SN: 792597

Unknown name machine that Nikon is proud of
The name machine "Nikon F2 Titan 792597" arrived.

In 1971, I debuted as a successor to Nikon F
"Nikon F2" totally F
Improve and thoroughly upgrade ease of use
It is, so to speak, the highest peak of a mechanical SLR
Many photographers and adventurers have loved it.

This model is based on adventurer Mr. Naomi Uemura's "Farthest
Camera that can not defeat the harsh environment of the earth "
Received from a special model developed and developed
The exterior (top cover,
Penta cover, bottom cover, apron part, back cover)
It will arrive in a special model made of titanium.

By all means at this opportunity, the ultimate SLR
Why do not you get it?

The shutter speed is
B, 1s - 1 / 2000s.
Accessories are as follows.
· Nikon Body Cap
· Nikon Instruction Manual
· Nikon Cosmetic Box (Serial Match)


It becomes operation confirmed.
There is no problem with hoisting rewinding, self-timer.
There is no problem with shutter speed gear shifting.
Collector carefully kept releasing it
It becomes very rarity new same goods.
Although there are few dust of aging slightly,
It is in general good condition.
It is slightly deteriorated, but there is no problem.
It is in general good condition.