This is Nikon (Nikon) single-lens reflex camera
It becomes "F3 Limited 9514006".
It will be about 20 years until Nikon F3 is sold out in 2000,
It is a Nikon single-lens reflex camera that has been active.
This is the specification of the Nikon F3 professional model (F3P)
(Hot shoe equipment, back cover lock omitted, etc.)
It is a limited model that has been followed.
The difference with F3P is only that there is a stamp of "Limited".
Even if the HP finder wears glasses
You can see the full field of view of the finder.
The shutter speed will be A, X, T, B to 1/2000.
The mount is Nikon F mount.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Nikon body cap
-Nikon instruction manual
・ Nikon exclusive outer box
・ Nikon dedicated strap
・ Nikon terminal cap
・ Nikon bottom cover


Operation has been confirmed.
The accuracy is unknown, but the shutter operates at full speed.
Although the accuracy is unknown, the exposure meter also changes the number according to the brightness.
Counter, winding, rewinding, working.
A slight thread is seen in the grip part.
There is a cut in the center of the bottom cover of the accessory.
It is in a beautiful condition overall.
It is in a beautiful state visually.
When exposed to strong light, it is possible to see the contamination of dust.
Screen becomes B type.
Generally good condition.
There is a fine scratch thread.