Nikon F5 50th limitedmodel to3000

Here, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Nikon I camera release,
A special model of the F5 released in June 1998 with 2000 units for domestic market and 1000 units for overseas market
It becomes "F5 50th anniversary model".
The serial number is 3110842.
The shutter speed is B-1 / 8000.
The mount is the Nikon F mount.
The difference from the regular model is that the upper part of the body is titanium silver,
The red line on the grip front rubber is gray,
The logo of the Penta part engraves the logo of the era of Nikon I,
Nikkei 50th anniversary mark printing, engraving company label of Nippon Optical Co., Ltd. on the lower back of the body
It becomes.

Accessories are as follows.
・ Nikon exclusive body cap
·instruction manual
・ Nikon F5 dedicated strap


Operation has been confirmed.
There is no problem in operation Shutter and exposure meter
Self-timer and automatic winding work normally.
It is a used state with a feeling of use.
Many fine scratches and threads of the past can be seen.
There is also peeling of the paint on the bottom.
Contamination of dust inside the finder
There is a mixture of black trash.
The liquid crystal will be good.
It is beautiful without deterioration.
Although it is somewhat, there is a detailed scratch and scrach of aging.

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