Nikon FM3A body + AI-S NIKKOR 45mm F2.8P

This item is the final model of Nikon's MF film single lens camera released in 2001,
It becomes "Nikon FM3A".
In addition to Nikon's traditional style, this model with a hybrid shutter,
I received high support from every camera fan.

This time it has become a set with affordable lens,
AI-S NIKKOR 45 mm F 2.8 P "is attached.
It is a thin and light standard lens with a length of 17 mm from the mount surface.
The in-lens CPU transmits information such as open F value to the body side
With this, when installed in the current AF camera
Multipattern photometry and program etc are usable lenses.
It is a stock of beautiful goods with relatively good condition for both body and lens.
On this occasion please buy it as soon as possible.
The serial number of the body is 218978.
The shutter speed is B, 1 s - 1/4000 s.
The lens serial number is 303121.
The brightness is 2.8-22, and the aperture blades become seven.

Accessories are as follows.
· Body cap
· Front lens cap
· HN-35 metal lens hood
· Lens filter
· Rear lens cap

It becomes operation confirmed.
Hoist Rewind, Self-timer, Shutter, etc.
The overall operation is generally good.
Although the accuracy is unknown, the exposure meter also works in response to light.
Although there are slight threads due to use,
It is a relatively beautiful state considering the age.
There are slight dust deposits on the eyepiece part and the screen,
It is in a clear state without scratches and dirt.
Light blocking material
You can see a heuristic due to aging.
There are threads and scratches due to aging.
Although there are threads and scratches due to use and aging, appearance, mount
It is an almost beautiful state without any noticeable scratches.
The diaphragm ring, diaphragm blades, helicoid are operating generally
Focusing is also done.
Although the inside is almost clear in visual observation,
If you hit a strong light, you can see slight dust contamination slightly.