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Nikon NEW FM2 Sliver


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As a standard for mechanical film SLR cameras, it has long been popular with photo lovers
The introduction of "Nikon New FM2", which is said to be the final form of "Nikon FM" and the finished form of mechanical film.
Designated as a camera for learning the basics of photography, as a teaching material for new students of photography school
It is easy to use and reliable as there are anecdotes of being
It becomes a film single-lens reflex camera.
As a function, high-speed shutter of 1/4000 seconds and synchro speed of 1/250 seconds,
It has become a spec of trust trusted by professionals such as easy-to-see finder.
For those who want to start film camera from now on
It is especially recommended. Please purchase at this opportunity.

The serial number of the body is 86922283.
The shutter speed will be B to 1/4000.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Body cap


It will be confirmed operation.
Shutter shift, winding and rewinding,
The self-timer is working properly.
Exposure meters also show roughly normal values.
LED is also shining well.
It will be in a good condition with less feeling.
It will be generally good.
Shading material
It will be generally good.
It will be generally good.