Nikon NIKKOR-P.C 8.5cm F2 Lmount

Nikon's middle telephoto single focus lens
It becomes "NIKKOR-P.C 8.5 cm F 2".
The serial number is 295165.
Mount becomes Leica L mount.
The aperture is 2-32.
The number of diaphragm blades is 10.
Accessories are as follows.
· Hood (with damage)
· Front cap
· Rear cap
· Lens case


It is operation confirmed.
Aperture, helicoid movement is good.
It becomes second hand condition with feeling of use.
There are rust and dirt on the body. There is oil spot on the aperture blade.
There is thread with use.
Optical (lens):
You can see a cloudy scratch on the sun.
Also, you can see scratching scratches.
It hardly affects shooting.
We are checking live action on FUJIFILM X-pro1.