Nikon Non AI NEW NIKKOR 28 mm F 2.8

This is "Nikon NEW NIKKOR 28 mm F 2.8"
It becomes wide angle single focus lens.
It is a lens that attracts a heavyweight feeling with a small amount of time in this era.
It is a wide angle monofocal lens easy to handle in landscape photographs.
Please take advantage of this opportunity.

The serial number will be 240514.

The aperture is 3.5-22.
The number of feathers will be seven.
Accessories are as follows.
· Lens case
· Nikon front lens cap
· Nikon rear lens cap


It becomes operation confirmed.
There is no problem with the movement of the aperture ring and the diaphragm blade.
The helicoid also works smoothly.
Although there are threads due to use and aging,
There are not conspicuous Atari, etc. It is almost beautiful state.
No problem.
If you hit a strong light you can see a few dust
There is no problem visually, noticeable oil stain on the diaphragm blade
It can be said that it is in a beautiful state without scratches.

Product control number: 10205749