Nikon notAI NIKKOR-H Auto 85mm F1.8 Fmount

This is a large aperture lens of Nikon (Nikon)
It becomes "non-AI NIKKOR-H Auto 85mm F1.8".
It is a 85mm lens that works well with portraits.
It is recommended for those who are photographed around the person.
Please use this opportunity.

The serial number is 280420.
The lens configuration is 6 in 4 groups.
The aperture will be 1.8-22.
There are six aperture blades.
The mount is the Nikon F mount.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Front lens cap (with cracks and missing)
・ Rear lens cap


Operation has been confirmed.
The movement of the aperture and helicoid is good.
The old thread and scratches can be seen. It is in a state to receive a beautiful impression on the whole.
It will be in a beautiful state.
It looks beautiful by visual inspection.
A fine light can be seen by holding a strong light.