This is a reprint version of 2000 limited edition
It becomes "Nikon S3 LIMITED EDITION BLACK".
A reprint of the S3 Olympics,
As a mainstay until single-lens reflex cameras become mainstream
It is a camera that has been used by many photographers and received high praise.
This reproduction model is
The Nikon S3 released in March 1958
It is a limited product reproduced faithfully as much as possible.
The shutter speed is T, B, 1-1 / 1000.
It is a cool body that tickles the desire to possess.
Because it is a highly recommended collector camera
Please consider.
The serial number of the main unit is 303930.
There is no accessory.


It will be confirmed operation.
There is no problem with winding and shutter operation.
There is no problem with shutter speed and film counter.
It is a very beautiful condition like a new item.
It is clear.
There is no problem in visibility and the bright frame looks beautiful.
There is no problem with double image matching.