PENTAX Pentax 6 ÁE7 TTL late body only + wood grip

This is a medium-format camera of PENTAX
It becomes  E ÁE7 TTL late 4139544 E
It is still the most popular and favorite machine for photographers.
Since the mirror up lever is not attached, it becomes the previous term type.
TTL Penta Prism Finder is included.
The mount is for exclusive use of PENTAX 6 x 7 lens,
It will be a double bayonet mount.
The shutter speed will be B to 1/1000.

Accessories are as follows.

・ TTL finder (serial 588896)
・ Wood grip


Only the power lamp does not light, but the power is turned on and the shutter is released without any problem.
There is no problem with the shutter speed shift.
The exposure meter also works in response to light. (The accuracy is unknown)
By the previous owner
The shutter button is added to the side, and pressing the shutter while pressing it
Modifications have been made to work as a valve regardless of the shutter speed.
It does not affect the normal shutter.
There are noticeable scratches on the surface, but
It is a good condition with a small feeling of use as a whole.
Contamination of Chile is seen, but it is almost clear.
Deterioration is seen.
There is a thread with use, but there is no problem.

Product status: B / good item