This is a popular 6 ÁE7 medium-format camera such as SNS
It becomes "PENTAX 6x7 4075717".
The shutter speed is B - 1/1000.
Mount is exclusively for Pentax 67 lens,
It is a double bayonet mount.
The finder is a smart eye level finder
It is installed.
Because it becomes a finder exchange type
Various customs to suit your taste
You can enjoy it.
The accessories are as follows.
· Body cap


It is operation confirmed.
The shutter operates normally, and it is also in the state of shifting.
The battery lamp also lights up, and the chain for the exposure meter is in good condition.
Although there are threads of age and fine scratches,
There is no big atari
It is a relatively good condition.
There is a part where the paint of the side of the body is deteriorated.
It is comparative clear state.
There is no problem.
There is no problem.

Product control number: 10183277