This is the first single lens reflex medium format camera of 6x45 size of Pentax
It will be “PENTAX 645 E
LX released in 1984 and designed in 1980,
The function follows the Super-A released in 1983.
The aperture, shutter speed, and program auto shooting modes
Equipped with the same feeling as a 35mm camera for easy shooting.

The serial number is 1061301.

The accessories are as follows.
・ PENTAX strap bracket


Operation has been confirmed.
Although the shutter operates, the accuracy is unknown.
Exposure compensation button, mode button, film sensitivity button,
LCD light button, LED button, works.
You can check the change of the numerical value according to the LED in the viewfinder, aperture and light quantity.
The accuracy will be unknown.
Scratches, scratches, dirt due to use / aging can be seen slightly
It is in a beautiful state overall.
Chile contamination is seen visually.
If you shine a strong light, you can see more contamination of Chile.
It is almost in good condition.
Scratches, scratches and dirt with use are slightly seen.

Product management number: 20601843

Commodity condition: B / non-defective