PENTAX 645 Japan + smc PENTAX-A 645 75mm F2.8

This is a special version of lacquered PENTAX (Pentax) sold in 1991
It will be "645 Japan 9200197".
Each exposure mode is equipped with a 35 mm camera
You can shoot easily with the same feeling.
The lens attached is designed to match
It will be “smc PENTAX-A 645 75 mm F2.8 4118866 E
The shutter speed is B, 15s-1 / 1000s.
The aperture will be 2.8-22.
Accessories are as follows.
・ 120 film backs for exclusive use of PENTAX
・ 220 film back for exclusive use of PENTAX
・ PENTAX lens cap
・ PENTAX eye cup
・ PENTAX rubber hood
・ PENTAX bag


It will be confirmed operation.
Automatic exposure and winding are working.
There are no other problems with button reactions or lever movements.
Shifting of the shutter speed can also be seen visually to be fine.
The accuracy is unknown because we have not confirmed the actual exposure.
The auto exposure also responds to light, but the accuracy is unknown.
There are threads and scratches on the whole.
Because there is glossiness, scratches may be noticeable depending on the angle of light.
The bottom has a protective seal.
There is contamination of Chile.
The screen is a grid.
It becomes clear.
There is almost no problem.
There is a thread accompanying the use.
It looks like it is relatively clear visually.
If you hold strong light, you will see dust and small scratches.

Product management number: 20592245