This is the arrival of the special 6x7 single-lens reflex camera "PENTAX 67II 61 limited", which was released as custom-made production in 2003.
I think it is one of the railway fans must see.
The electric locomotive "EF 58 61" of the JNR era is the motif,
It is a special model that has the same special paint as the locomotive called "Togaki" and a silver sliver band.
In addition, the PENTAX nameplate plate of “AE prism finder 67II 61 Limited”
It means that it is painted manually one by one using the paint used for the body painting (at the time of construction in 1996) of EF58 61st machine actually.
Other than that, it is PENTAX seems to be thorough enough that the railway fan is customized to be able to set the shutter speed in 1/2 steps.

Why don't you take a special PENTAX 67 II on this occasion and take a look.

The serial number is 5708703.
Shutter speed is A, B, 4s-1 / 1000s.
The serial number of the finder is 5714051.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Body cap
・ Strap (Normal Edition)


It will be confirmed operation.
The shutter can shift at full speed,
AE is also working well.
The counter display of the winding, the self-timer and the mirror-up mechanism also worked without problems.
There are fine threads and scratches over time.
There are many small scratch marks on the bottom and so on.
You can see the scratches that accompany the rubber of the grip.
The plating mall is in a beautiful condition.
You can see a small dent in the logo on the nameplate.
There is a slight dust contamination.
There is no problem with the internal display.
Shading material:
No problem.
There is a scratch, but there is no problem in use.