PENTAX LX LIMITED 300 units limited black titanium

Of the four limited models released in 1995 with only 300 units
The rarity of the rare "PENTAX LX LIMITED" is in stock.
Durable Titanium black body shining "TITANIUM"
The logo is a very rare one that gives off a special feeling.

"PENTAX LX <" in June 1980
It was released after 5 years development period,
After that for 21 years, Pentax's
Various as a flagship camera
It has been loved by photographers.
"LX" celebrated the 60th anniversary of Asahi optical founding
The meaning of 60 is included, PENTAX
Sometimes it was developed as the only professional camera,
Replacement viewfinder, rich screen, motor drive etc.
Systems were also abundantly prepared.
Also, the most noteworthy is its finder performance.
The image of the viewfinder has a sharp point of the Pinto in an instant
It is as good as grabbing it.
Pentax fans are indispensable Pentax
MF single lens reflex with the highest and ultra rare ever in history,
Please purchase on this occasion by all means.

The serial number of the body is 4013315.
The shutter speed will be B ~ 1/2000.
Accessories are as follows.
· Body cap
· Strap fittings
· Soft case


It becomes operation confirmed.
Shutter speed shift, self timer,
There is no problem with hoisting and rewinding.
The exposure meter shows roughly normal values.
Overall there are fine wounds and threads,
I feel a feeling of use.
Although a protective seal is affixed to the bottom
There is peeling due to aged deterioration.
Although fine chili can be seen in the viewfinder
There is no problem in terms of use.
Light blocking material
I am feeling tired.
There is no problem.

Product control number: 10194413