PENTAX smc PENTAX 67 105mm F2.4 67マウント

This is for the popular Pentax 67 series
It is a standard single focus lens "smc PENTAX 67 105 mm f / 2.4".
Although it is a lens equivalent to 50 mm in terms of 35 mm, if it is Rokunana
It will be a standard lens that can enjoy magnificent blur feeling.

The serial number is 8554778.
The aperture is 2.4-22, the number of feathers is nine.
Accessories are as follows.
· Lens cap (front and rear)
· Lens pouch

In case

It becomes operation confirmed.
For focus ring and aperture operation
No problem.
Sleeves and small wounds suitable for the age are seen.
No distortion or distortion can be seen.
No problem.
It is a beautiful state by eye observation.
When a strong light is held up, fine dust mixing
It is a slightly visible condition.

Product control number: 10210645