PENTAX smc PENTAX-A 15mm F3.5

☁EPentax ☁Ebr>Here is a Pentax super wide-angle single focus lens,
It becomes "PENTAX smc PENTAX-A 15mm F3.5".

The serial number will be 5960965.
The aperture is 3.5-22, and there are 5 aperture blades.
The color filters are UV, skylight, yellow and red.
The accessories are as follows.
・ Front metal cap
・ Rear lens cap


It will be confirmed operation.
There is no problem with the movement of the helicoid or the aperture, and focusing can be performed properly.
You can also switch between each filter.
There is little feeling of use, and there are few scratches and dust.
It is a good second-hand condition.

No problem.

There is little contamination with dust and it is in a beautiful state.
It looks like a thin haze when exposed to a light stronger than the rear
There is almost no influence on the shooting.

Product number: 20602351

Product condition: B / Good