PENTAX smc PENTAX-FA 77mm F1.8 Limited BLACK JAPAN model


☁EPentax ☁Ebr>This is a treasure lens made by PENTAX,
It becomes "smc PENTAX-FA 77 mm F1.8 Limited".
It is the best lens for the Portray value, and makes the subject beautifully float up.
A luxury lens can be introduced freely and it can be said that the shortest shooting distance is 0.7m,
There is a powerful depiction in the whole area, to achieve the expressive power and gradation.
It is an attraction that the brightness of F1.8 and the natural bokeh by the nine-aperture blade can not be excused.
The compact aluminum machined body shines with cloisonne finger points. Please purchase at this opportunity.

The serial number will be 0004347.
It becomes a stamped model of MADE IN JAPAN.
The aperture will be 1.8-22.
The number of aperture blades is nine.
The lens configuration is 9 lenses in 7 groups and the shortest shooting distance is 0.3 m.
Mount is K mount.
Accessories are as follows.
・ PENTAX front lens cap
・ PENTAX Rear lens cap
・ Kenko lens filter


It will be confirmed operation.
There is no problem with the operation of the focus ring or the aperture.
As confirmed by K-3, the auto focus is functioning properly.
There is no problem as long as you check on the screen the viewfinder shape for infinity.
There is little feeling of use and it is in a beautiful state.
There are almost no scratches and wear.
It is in a relatively beautiful state visually.
If you hold a strong light, you will see fine dust and tiny dirt.
There is no influence on the shooting.

Product number: 20601830

Product condition: B / Good