PENTAX smc PENTAX SOFT 85mm F2.2 K mount


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☁EPentax ☁Ebr>If this is a Pentax fan, you will fall in love once
With the ultimate soft focus lens
It will be "smc PENTAX SOFT 85mm F2.2".
The composition is said to be unbelievably 1 group 2 pieces
Super simple lens configuration.
Furthermore, I can not believe the picture more
Super dreamy fluffy round and round
After all PENTAX wow! Would be
It's an outrageous feature.
Superb soft description and blurry after rounding
Poan and the round front blur
I can only taste with this lens
The taste is there!
This valuable opportunity this opportunity by all means
Please purchase.

The serial number is 1006482.
The aperture will be 2.2-5.6, and the number of aperture blades will be six.
The accessories are as follows.
-Lens cap (front and back) is an external product


It will be confirmed operation.
For the movement of the focus ring and the aperture
No problem.
Good condition.
There is almost no feeling of use and there are few scratches and dirt.
No problem.
Fine dusty contamination is seen, but it is slight.
There is no mold or cumoli.
It is in a beautiful state.

Product management number: 20602343

Product status: A / beauty product