RICOH GR LENS 28 mm F 2.8 L mount + exclusive viewfinder

This is Leica L Mount
Limited production wide-angle lens of 2,000 silver and 1,000 blacks
It becomes "28 mm f / 2.8".
The serial number is 10673.
Accessories are as follows.
· RICOH special hood
· Ricoh exclusive use finder
· RICOH front cap
· RICOH rear cap
· RICOH User's Manual


It becomes operation confirmed.
Helicoids, aperture feathers etc.
There is no problem in operation.
It is in a good second hand condition with less use feeling.
Noticeable threads and scratches can not be seen.
It is in good condition.
Optical (lens):
It is a clear state visually.
When holding a strong light
There is chile contamination. Also, you can see the cloudy clouds on the back of the middle ball.
It is a level with no problem in shooting.
We are checking live action on FUJIFILM X-pro1.
There is no particular balsam cut out of GR 28 mm which can be said as a promise.
Personally there is no problem at all.
With a clear image,
It is somewhat squeezing and it raises the contrast transformer
You can enjoy high-resolution reflection.