This was released in 1994 and is still
As the strongest snap shooter
"GR1" that is loved by many photographers
It becomes "GR1S" that becomes an evolution system.
There is no loss of image quality around the wide-angle 28 mm release f / 2.8
High spec GR lens and lightweight and strong
Body with magnesium die casting,
Easy-to-use, well thought-out design,
Dedicated hood to reduce flares and ghosts
Support framing in the dark
By mounting the lamp in the finder
It became stronger as a tool
Become a reliable street camera.
Fully armed with everything needed for snap shots,
This compact camera is
Should be the best love machine not miss one scene.
Please purchase at this opportunity.

The serial number of the body will be JW 141783.
The lens attached is "GR LENS 28mm F2.8".
Accessories are as follows.
・ Instruction manual
-Hood (with a purse, with deterioration)


It will be confirmed operation.
The shutter is released without problems.
The flash and the self-timer
It works normally and there is no problem.
There is a leak in the film counter display on the top LCD.
Mode display and counter display are good.
It will be in a good condition with less feeling.
I do not see the noticeable thread and scratches.
I do not see the deterioration around the specific finder.
You can see the mixture of fine chili and the sweet potato.
When the strong light is held up, the mixture of dust is seen in the lens.
In addition, you can also see the brightness.