This is "Voigtlander BESSA R2C" released in 2002.
The mount is the old Contax mount,
You can use Contax rangefinder lenses.
The finder is also a switchable model,
It can be switched to 35 mm, 50 mm and 85 mm.
It is a specification that is convenient for making a composition.
It looks stylish and looks cool
It is a relatively compact and easy to carry model.
This time it will be a relatively good beauty.
Please purchase at this opportunity.

The serial number of the body is 0101228.
The shutter speed is B, 1s-1 / 2000s.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Voigtlander trigger winder


It will be confirmed operation.
The accuracy is unknown, but the shutter operates at full speed.
The exposure meter also responds to light and the LED is on.
The gear for focusing is also working smoothly.
Film winding and rewinding, frame switching, etc.
It is working almost lightly.
The behavior of the trigger winder is also good.
There are slight scratches and threads due to use
It is relatively clean.
There are a few threads and scratches by use.
It is in a relatively beautiful state visually.
When the strong light is applied and the fine dust is mixed inside
It is slightly cloudy.
Bright frame looks well
It is also possible to switch.
It is in good condition.