Voigtlander COLOR SKOPAR 35mm F2.5 MC L mount

Here is a fusion of German tradition and Japanese technology.
Koshina Voigtlander
It becomes "COLOR SKOPAR 35mm F2.5 MC".
While small and lightweight,
It is a high-performance wide-angle lens with a symmetrical design with a seven-lens configuration.
It works in conjunction with the camera's distance meter.
Further enhance the mobility of the camera.
It is optically identical to the pancake type.
The lens configuration is 7 in 5 groups.
Please use this opportunity.

The serial number is 9030796.
The number of aperture blades is 10.
The mount is M mount.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Front lens cap
·Lens hood
・ Lens filter


It will be confirmed operation.
The movement of the diaphragm ring and diaphragm blades is generally good.
Helicoid is also moving smoothly.
There is a slight thread by age and use, but
It is a relatively beautiful state considering the age. ,
[Sure] and a crack accompanying the use are seen.
Optics (lens):
Although it is almost clear by visual observation,
When the strong light is applied and the fine dust is mixed inside
You can see a small but thin Kumari.

Product management number: 10221917