Voigtlander HELIAR 50mm F3.5 L 101 Aniversary Edition

This is the 101st anniversary of the tour helicopter lens released in 2001
It becomes "HELIAR 50 mm F 3. 0 0905".
Mount becomes Leica L mount.
The lens barrel is engraved with a composition diagram of convex - concave - convex 3 - group heli - ers.
It is limited to only 2,000 lenses in the world.
The reflection looks like a classical appearance
It is a very honorable habit,
Both contrast and sharpness are taken firmly.
If you are looking for, please contact us at this opportunity.
The aperture is 3.5-22.
The number of diaphragm blades is 10.
The accessories are as follows.
· Genuine front lens cap
· Genuine rear cap
· Genuine filter
· Genuine L / M adapter

It is operation confirmed.
The motion of the aperture and the helicoid are good.
The movement of the aperture feather is also normal.
It becomes a beautiful second hand condition with less feeling of use.
Because of the collector-like storage lens,
Almost no use feeling,
There are neither threads nor scratches Atari.
It will be beautiful.
Optical (lens):
Although it is clear with the naked eye,
With a strong light
You can see the cloudy light on the front ball.
It does not affect shooting.