Voigtlander NOKTON 50mm F1.5 ASPHERICAL Lmount


This is the large-aperture standard lens of the screw mount for Leica L of Voigtlander
It will be "NOKTON 50mm F1.5 ASPHERICAL 9040609".
This is useful for shooting in portraits and scenes with low light by taking advantage of background blur.
It is a lens with excellent resolution and contrast from the aperture opening.
We have achieved both straight bokeh and vivid depiction at the same time.
The lens configuration is 6 in 5 groups.
The aperture will be 1.5-16.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Voigtlander lens cap
・ Voigtlander dedicated food


It will be confirmed operation.
For the movement of the focus ring and the aperture
No problem.
It is a beautiful state with little feeling of use.
I do not see [sure] and a crack.
It will be generally good.
It is clear when seeing with the naked eye,
With a strong light
You can see the contamination of the dust and the deterioration of the coating on the back of the ball.
The impact on shooting is small.
We have confirmed live-action with FUJIFILM X-pro1.


Product number:Â10216980