Voigtlander SNAPSHOT-SKOPAR 25mm F4 finder L39mount

☁EVoigtlander Hokutorender ☁Ebr>Here, the slender lens barrel looks good with a classic camera
It is the arrival of "Voigtlander SNAPSHOT-SKOPAR 25mm F4 + finder" in a cosmetic box.

It becomes L39 mount wide-angle lens of perfect vision system.
As it is with finder for 25mm, it is to favorite L39 mount camera
Why don't you go out for a casual snap.

The serial number is 9920670.
The aperture will be 4-22.
The number of aperture blades is 10.
Mount will be L39 mount.
The accessories are as follows.
・ Protective lens
・ Metal cap
・ 25mm scope
・ Cosmetic box (with buffer material)


It will be confirmed operation.
For movement of helicoid and stop
(Although some feathers remain with the aperture open, it seems to be a specification)
No problem.
The scope is slightly spoiled by the influence of mold.
The feeling of use is not felt so much and it is in a beautiful state.
The appearance is clean including the box.
There is no problem with the connection.
Contamination of chili and some point mold have occurred.
You can also see the sluggish,
There seems to be little impact on the shooting.
shneiderite has occurred on part of the lens inner wall.